About Us

Sera Park is a company that builds and services modern greenhouse complexes. The company produces most of the materials used in the modern complexes it builds. The production site is located in Nardaran settlement. As the modern greenhouse complex we have built meets the latest technologies, it is met with great interest not only in the country but also in foreign markets under the SERAPARK brand, and our company is building large projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and Iran. All systems within the complex were Smart systems.

As Sera Park, we also have a greenhouse service area. Thanks to our Market and Service projects, we provide services to existing greenhouses. Our market project includes the sale of plant care equipment and we have a free delivery service. In our service project, if there is any problem with the systems inside the greenhouse, we provide immediate service.

Metal Production

Our factory produces all metal products used in greenhouse complexes.

Plastic Production

Our factory produces all plastic products used in greenhouse complexes.

Hook Production<

The plant hanging wire used in the greenhouse is also our own production.

Twine Production

Our factory has a line of yarn production in accordance with the latest technology. Thanks to this, we provide UV protective yarn used in the greenhouse.

Our strength...

The reason we are in Sera Park

We have the latest technological innovations

Our engineers are constantly developing technological innovations in the systems.Due to this, our company has built large projects in the local market, as well as in foreign markets, and is currently continuing these projects.

Our Factory Equipped With The Latest Technological Equipment

Our factory is equipped with the latest production equipment. Most of the materials used are produced in our factory. Therefore, we can easily pursue a pricing policy and offer a reasonable price offer to our customers.

An Experienced Team

The first and most important task facing every individual of our company is to solve the orders of our customers in a timely manner and without problems.Our strength is the lack of internal revenge among the Collective

Years of Experience

To date, the successful construction and delivery of large projects to customers has been our success and experience base.




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