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Modern Greenhouse means the availability of the latest technology compared to greenhouses under construction to date. It is understood that Ventilation, Heating, Cooling, Irrigation, Shading, Fertilization, Climate Control and all other systems have the highest level and the highest level of productivity. The load-bearing capacity of the greenhouse also meets the latest technology. Here, the structure must not be damaged by plant loads, wind, snow and rain and must be durable. The design of the greenhouse should be adapted to the indoor climate so that the plants feel comfortable in their natural environment.

The most important reason for the high performance of 9600-Model greenhouses is the quality of the architectural foundations. With its high volume and ventilation ratio, it is extremely suitable for effectively determining climatic conditions, creating an economical heating in winter and cool and fertile conditions, especially in hot and humid regions in spring.The construction parts are made of galvanized steel and are corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.With a gothic-designed pointed dome and a triangular-designed window spine, the 9600-Model has proven itself with high performance, simplicity of assembly and health.When performing static and aerodynamic calculations of 9600-Modern Greenhouse, it was determined that it corresponds to the following indicators:

• Wind resistance of 120 km / h

• Plant load of 37 kg / m2

• 35 kg / m2 snow load

With the exception of gutters and clip profiles, all details used in the construction are galvanized with zinc galvanized. Gutter and U clip profiles are produced in roll forming machines from galvanized sheet. Ventilation; It is opened every 2.5 m with a 1.50 m long cramer and gear system. 0.55kWa Electric Gearbox motors are used to drive the system and ø32x2mm pipes provide the connection between the motors and the cramer system.

Modern Greenhouse Systems

The systems installed inside the greenhouse are fully automated and keep pace with the latest technological innovations. With this, it is possible to further increase product productivity. The following systems are offered to our customers:

  • Structure: The height of the gutter is 5 or 6 meters. If the height of the gutter is 5 m, the peak of the structure is 7.5 meters. The width of the tunnel is 9600mm
  • İnsect Net: Prevents the entry of pests.
  • Crop Hanging system: Assembled wire system for hanging plants.
  • Ventilation System: Each tunnel has 2 windows with 2m wide and the length of the tunnel.
  • Fan System: Fans are installed inside to dry the humid air and create air circulation.
  • Screen System: Install a system that can save 55% of the energy inside in the cold months. Thanks to this system, it can be used as a shading system even in the hot months.
  • Irrigation/Fertilization System: A drip system is being set up to meet the needs of plants for water and minerals, and to use water and minerals efficiently.
  • Heating system: This system is set up to meet the plant's heat needs during the cold months. 3 heating systems are installed: 1.floor heating 2.Plant heating 3.Snow melting system
  • Misting system: During the hot months, a high-pressure humidification system is installed to meet the plant's need for moisture.
  • Gutter System: This system keeps the plant in the air so that it has no contact with the ground, and allow the drainage water from the plant to reach the edge of the greenhouse.
  • Ground Cover: Inside the greenhouse, these coverings are used to prevent weeds from growing, to reduce moisture, and to re-transmit sunlight to the plant.
  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate materials are used to reduce heat loss in the side walls.

You can see photos of the systems in the pictures below: