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Welcome to Sera Park.

Sera Park company is engaged in building modern greenhouse complexes and providing services to them. The company produces a significant portion of the materials used in the constructed modern complexes at its own production facility.

The production facility is located in the town of Nardaran. Our modern greenhouse complexes, which respond to today's latest technologies, are not only well received domestically, but also highly regarded in foreign markets under the brand name 'SERAPARK'.


Why us?

Our goal is quality at every step from production to completion.

10000 m2 Production Area

Agricultural Market

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About Us

Get acquainted with Sera Park.

All systems within the complex are Smart systems. At Sera Park, we also have a service area for existing greenhouses.

Operating since 2017,' SERA PARK ' LLC contributes to the development of the non-oil industry, the growth of production and exports in the country, as well as the further improvement and recognition of the Made in Azerbaijan brand. Greenhouse systems built by' SERA PARK ' LLC are installed on both foreign and domestic markets by means of high-quality materials in accordance with world standards. In 2019, the company owned Baku City., Sabunchu ray., 'NARDA PARK' LLC, which produces all products used in greenhouse construction, has started its activity in Nardaran settlement.

“SERA PARK” LLC, which has become a leader in the application of advanced technology in Azerbaijan, annually participates in exhibitions related to agriculture both in our country and abroad, sharing the experience gained, the latest methods and tools with local consumers, creates the basis for the growth of vegetable exports.

Through our market and service projects, we provide support to existing operational greenhouses. Through our market project, we engage in the sale of equipment necessary for plant care. Thanks to the wide variety of products, you can find all the products you need in one place.